Descriptif de la formation

EMABG is a joint Master programme that fills a real need for the industry sector and the whole society. It is designed to answer the scientific, practical and societal challenges of animal breeding and genetics.

Contenido de la formación

The EMABG involves four study tracks :
• Breeding programmes in low-income countries (study track WU - BOKU) ;
• Biological and societal context of breeding (study track WU – SLU or UGOE - SLU) ;
• Genomic selection and precise phenotypes (study track WU – NMBU or UGOE - NMBU);
• Functional genomics (study track UGOE - AgroParisTech).


The EMABG aims are to :
• meet the increased demand for animal and fish products, while preserving or improving the quality of the products, the welfare of animals and minimizing the environmental impact ;
• preserve natural resources, with special attention to biodiversity ;
• make efficient use of novel tools and technologies to reach these goals while maintaining societal acceptance of animal breeding ;
• develop sustainable animal breeding programmes that contribute to improved livelihood of farmers and efficient food chains ;
• develop sustainable breeding programmes that contribute to improved health and welfare of companion animals, including populations in zoos and nature reserves.

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