25 Jul 2019
Inra-Agreenium foresight study Symposium: 9 videos to learn, understand, anticipate
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A conference organized at Cnam on June 27th revealed the results of a study conducted by INRA and Agreenium dedicated to the digital transition and research and higher education practices. This foresight study highlights 4 scenarios that bode well for the future of higher education and research in view of the possible changes in the use of digital tools at all scales. If the idea of a digital whole seems implausible, the new generation of tools will invite institutions to define a collective strategy to integrate digital in our society in transition.

The conference can be viewed in its entirety or in sequence thanks to 9 videos that allow you to listen to the introductions of Marion Guillou and Philippe Mauguin, the interventions of Marco Barzman (INRA) and Mélanie Gerphagnon (INRA-Agreenium), Olivier Mora (INRA), Antonio Casilli (Télécom ParisTech), the dialogue between François Taddéi (Inserm), Guy Richard (INRA), the two round tables chaired respectively by Guy Richard (INRA) and Philippe Prévost (Agreenium), and Guy Richard's conclusion (INRA).

Watch the video/the videos

The conference highlights can also be reviewed here

Read the INRA's post


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